Blessed Be the Lord

Wednesday, December 6

Read: Luke 1:64-68

Notice Zechariah’s first words when he is able to speak again, what he does and does not say. He did not immediately praise God that he had received his voice back. He first praised God for his plan of redemption. Zechariah’s first words are worship of God’s plan, expressing belief in God’s statement through the angel.

“Once he believed, he had to worship, because whenever we know what God has done for our salvation, we are compelled to praise him for it” (Philip Ryken). His worship wasn’t focused on worshipping God for giving him back his voice, rather Zechariah worshipped God for something bigger. God planned to enter the world, and Zechariah’s son John was going to prepare the way for God’s Son. That is amazing news! God intervened in a broken world to bring hope and show mercy to fallen people. God chose to do this through Zechariah, cynical and unbelieving at first, but eventually brought to worship and praise.

Consider: In what ways are you stuck in your personal difficulties, and are missing God’s greater grace and mercy? Take some time alone to think how God has blessed you through his Son.


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