Saved from Our Enemies

Thursday, December 7

Read: Luke 1:69-71 

Enemies. That word took on a different tone for Jewish people in the first century. Their enemies, the Romans, lived in their towns and cities, ruling over them and oppressing them. Other nations and peoples hated Israel and often fought against them.  War was common for most of their existence. 

Into this time came the horn of salvation. The horn symbolized the animal’s strength, like a bull, to be victorious. The role of the “horn of salvation” was to save and deliver the people from their enemies, both physical and spiritual, by the strength of the promised Messiah.  At that time, the people were hoping for deliverance from the Romans.  God will, at times, deliver us from political enemies and relational enemies, but even more so, he will deliver us from our ultimate enemy, the devil. 

The horn of salvation, Jesus Christ, is powerful enough to defeat the toughest enemies, sin and death and hell and Satan.  He showed that power by rising from the dead.  Praise God for his mighty power. 

Consider: The gospel is the power of God for all who believe (Rom. 1:16). Jesus exhibited God’s power in this world. Think about and praise God for his power on your behalf.


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