Serve Him Without Fear

Friday, December 8

Read: Luke 1:72-75

The deliverance from their enemies was a deliverance from cruel and harsh taskmasters that were served in fear, especially the spiritual bondage we all serve without Christ.  God’s service is different.  We worship, follow, and serve a loving God with reverence and awe. We can serve the Lord with gladness (Ps. 100:2), as a patient serves his doctor by following his instructions in order to get well. The punishment has been paid and we are completely free.  Not free, though, to do whatever we want.  Our freedom brings with it a new desire to follow a new master. 

Our lives should be lived through right actions in the obedience of faith, before the face of God. All of this, according to verse 73, has been granted or given to us.  We didn’t earn or deserve this new freedom and new service.  God gave it to us through the coming of his Son, Jesus.  The gift of serving God is part of the gift of salvation, granted to us by our wise and loving King.

Consider:  Pray that the enemy of our souls will not to win in the lives of those who need to know God.  Think about the areas you need to trust and walk in the obedience of faith.


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