To Prepare His Way

Saturday, December 9

Read: Luke 1:76-79

Have you ever traveled on a road that was so rough that it made it really hard to travel?  What needed to be done to make the road better?  Zechariah finished his song by pronouncing a blessing on his son and prophesying about the ministry of his son to prepare the way for Jesus. 

How was the way unprepared?  When you think about it in relation to traveling on a road, preparing the way would be to make the road smooth, getting rid of all obstructions that might make travel difficult or impossible.  We can think of John’s role in a similar way. 

John’s preparation is summarized in 1:77. The people had a wrong understanding of the work of the Messiah.  They thought he would rid them of their enemies, the Romans.  God was saying that their obstruction was not political, but spiritual.  It is sin that stands in the way of salvation.  We must be made aware of our sin and the forgiveness that God offers before we understand our need for salvation and the peace that God provides.  John’s role was to prepare hearts for the Gospel that Jesus would preach and still preaches.

Consider: Have you understood the depth of your sin and your need for forgiveness from God?  I invite you to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. If you do trust Christ as Lord and Savior, how can God use you like John to prepare the way in others’ lives?


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