The Lowly Shepherds

Wednesday, December 13

Read: Luke 2:8-15

Why did God choose to reveal his Son to shepherds? Some think that because David was a shepherd, God wanted to reveal himself to the same kind of people. Others point to a prophecy in Jer. 33:13-16 that speaks of God sending his Messiah to shepherds watching their flocks. Still others say that the shepherds were special because they were watching sheep designated for sacrifice in the temple.

Most likely it seems that the shepherds were chosen because they were lowly outcasts. Shepherds were not well respected. They were not much higher than lepers in social rank. They were unclean and their testimony wasn’t even permitted in court, because they could not be trusted. Just as God chose lowly Mary to bear his Son, so he chose lowly shepherds to worship his Son. As Mary sang in Luke 1:52, God desires to exalt the lowly and humble, like you and me!

Consider: The humanity of Jesus, the humility of Mary, and the lowly nature of the shepherds all testify to the great grace and mercy God has shown in Jesus. Take some time to worship God and note how he has shown mercy to you.


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