Good News of Great Joy!

Thursday, December 14

Read: Luke 2:10-12

The statement of the angel in Luke 2:10-11 is the gospel according to the angels, writes Philip Ryken. Let’s think about this gospel as we approach Christmas.    

This is God’s gospel. The appearance of his angels brings fear and awe, because of their amazing nature and their amazing message. The shepherds were scared! The news from God, though, was not frightening. Their news was good and joyful! It was good news – the gospel means good news. It was joyful news as well.

It is good and joyful news because the news tells of a Savior for all people. The news is not limited to the high, rich, mighty or valuable in this world. The good news is for all types and kinds of people, beginning with lowly shepherds. It is good news because it heralds forgiveness for the sinner and final payment and sacrifice for our sins. Just as the news began, so it ends with reference to God. As God sent this gospel, so the gospel came as God became man. He is Christ (Messiah) the Lord! 

Consider: Have you responded to this good news? If you haven’t, do so today. If you have, continue to think about how you can continue to live by the good news the angels brought.


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