Glory to God in the Highest!

Friday, December 15

Read: Luke 2:13-14

The chorus of angels could not help but sing praise to God at the news they had just delivered. One angel brought it, but a whole host of angels praised God for it. This is only right, because the news proclaimed is about the greatest act that God has ever performed. “Now is come the highest degree of glory to God, by the appearing of His Son Jesus Christ in the world. He, by His life and death on the cross, will glorify God’s attributes – justice, holiness, mercy, and wisdom – as they were never glorified before” (J. C. Ryle).

God, in this act, has gone public with his infinite worth. He has shown, through his Son, his greatness and power and splendor, just how wonderful he is. His wonder is even more apparent in that he has chosen to show his greatness to the weak and insignificant and lowly. God should be praised!

Consider: Give God credit today for what he has done in and through his Son. Spend some time doing that now and throughout the day.


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