And All Who Heard It Wondered

Saturday, December 16

Read: Luke 2:15-20

These events were amazing, but only the shepherds experienced every part of the events that took place in Luke 2:8-20. The shepherds felt compelled, after they saw the baby, to tell what they had been told about the child. Their story brought different responses from different people.

Verse 18 states that, “all who heard it wondered.” Some wondered and didn’t know what to think. Others heard it and may have had trouble believing the shepherds. Still others may have thought the shepherds crazy. A few may have even believed the shepherds and believed in Jesus as a result.

Mary heard it, and she treasured and pondered. She preserved what was said in her mind. She believed the good news by faith and held onto the words of the shepherds. Mary still did not understand it all, though. She continued to ponder it all, plumbing the depths of all that had happened, its meaning and significance, probably throughout her life. She allowed the Holy Spirit to continue to teach her.

Consider: What are you doing with the words of the shepherds? How can you follow their example this Christmas?


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