Simeon and Anna

Monday, December 18

Read: Luke 2:21-38

We don’t often spend time on the events immediately following the birth of Jesus, but Luke includes them as an important part of the birth of Jesus. As we approach Christmas morning this year, let’s think about the response of two obscure people to the birth of Jesus, and how their response impacts us.  

Luke often works in pairs – Zechariah and Mary received a visit from Gabriel; Mary and Elizabeth were pregnant together; the birth of John and Jesus paralleled were by Luke; and finally these two prophets, Simeon and Anna, in the temple. Why these two people? It’s hard to say, because nothing much is told about them.

The only details mentioned that Simeon and Anna had in common were that they worshipped God devoutly and they were both waiting (2:25, 38). Simeon and Anna were insignificant people. They spent their time in the temple, with God, worshipping him and waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled. They were confident in God, not because it gave them fame or credit, merely because that is what faithful followers of Christ did. Simple people with a simple faith. That’s precisely why Luke mentions Simeon and Anna.

Consider: The Christian life is a long obedience moving in the same direction. How are Simeon and Anna an encouragement to you to live simply, quietly and faithfully following God?


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