Tuesday, December 19

Read: Luke 2:25-29

What do we learn about Simeon? First, I believe he was a man of character. He is called righteous and devout. He was righteous towards people and devout in religious duties. Luke noticed these character qualities.  

Second, he was a man with a calling. He was waiting for the consolation of Israel. Israel had suffered great discouragement. They were exiled to a foreign land, brought back to a land that was in shambles, with God silent for four hundred years. They needed God’s encouragement or consolation, that their sins were forgiven and their weakness would again be made strong. God sent this consolation through his Messiah (Isa. 40:1-2) to Simeon.  

Third, Simeon was a man of God’s choice – the Holy Spirit was upon him. God told Simeon that he would see this Messiah before he died, so he waited. Finally, his waiting was fulfilled. The Spirit led him directly to Mary and Joseph, and he rejoiced in this answer to prayer.

Consider: Jesus is the answer – the one who each person is waiting for. How has Jesus fulfilled your hope? What do you need to continue to wait on Him?


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