Reading God’s Word Effectively

2018_Advent_Devotional_v2As a part of my Advent Devotionals this year, I have included, after the verses for the day, three images in the left column. These images are there to aid your thinking and interaction with the passage. This method of Bible reading is often called the Swedish method, a term coined by a missionary who encountered it when she worked with a group of Swedish students.

The light bulb indicates something that shines out for you when you read this passage. What stuck out to you in reading these verses today? If something stuck out to you, note it in your Bible or on a notepad.

The next image is a question mark. Did the verses raise any questions as you read? Jot down your question and try to figure out the answer on your own or with some help from a trusted Christian friend at a later time.

The final image is an arrow. The arrow points toward personal application. What is God leading me to know or do from these verses? Jot it down so that you remember later.

You may note one item on a particular day, or one item next to two or three of the images on any particular day. The goal is not to answer each question, but rather to think about what you are reading. If God sparks something in your mind, note it so that you remember it. May God use this method to bless the reading of his Word to you this Christmas!



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