Master Bath Remodel

I wanted to post and record the process of our Master Bath Remodel for posterity, and to remember what it was like beforehand. I’ll continue to add pictures as we make our way through the process.

Here is a before photo – shower surround with glass door, carpeting!, etc. – very small.

Master Bath before

We couldn’t increase the size, but we wanted to update the shower and make it a little bigger. So we ripped out the shower surround.




We took this wall between the shower and toilet back a foot to give more light and to put a glass wall on that side of shower. You can see here the shower wall is a little shorter.


Here we jump to the point where the go board is up in the shower. You can also see the barn door we add to replace the bathroom door.

go board and barn door

barn door 2

go board

After the go board comes the water-proofing, the Prova stuff – which is pink. You can also see where the niche is installed.

prova with tile

prova, tile and niche

Here we see the subway tiles on two sides, with the accent tile on the back wall. The green circles are the tile leveling system. They will be removed.

subway and accent tiles

accent wall

The vanity is gone! Replacing some of the wall board behind the vanity. Oh, and when I was trying to get the vanity out I nicked a pipe. Had to have a plumber come out (thanks Legacy Plumbing), but I got new nobs.


Here now you will see big changes: accent wall is all up, we had a new light put in above the shower to make it brighter, new vinyl plank flooring and new toilet!

accent wall up, new light

new toilet and floor

flooring and toilet wide angle

Next up – new vanity, grouting, and curb tile. May 6, 2020.

It took a long time, but I finally got to the point (with lots of help) of putting in the vanity, connecting the water and the drain. Had to put some baseboard, the mirror and the light fixture in first.


Laurel took the tile all the way up to the ceiling and grouted this last week. This is where we are at on May 17. Here is a view from the bedroom, and one from the reflection in the mirror.




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