Online Small Group Leader Training: Bethel Church – Fargo

Welcome to the temporary home of Bethel’s Online Small Group Leader Training! Our training videos and resources will reside here until we are able to put them at a more permanent online site.

Along with the videos below, we also have a Small Group Leader Training Manual. You can download the Leader Training Manual either as Word document (Online Small Group leader training manual), or as a PDF (Online Small Group leader training manual). Growth Groups, by Colin Marshall is an excellent book we make available as well. Contact Leeora at to obtain a copy of the book.




This video doesn’t exist



I invite you to watch the Wrap Up Video, which pulls together this series and lets you know your next steps.




A Small Group leader is a leadership position at Bethel, so we ask leaders to be members of Bethel Church in order to lead. You can read more about the Pathway to Membership here. Leaders also must complete a Volunteer Application, available in the office, and be interviewed before they begin to lead.





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