Jesus, Messiah

Who is Jesus? Matthew was trying to answer that very question when he wrote the gospel of Matthew back in the first century. Who Jesus is remains an important question here in the 21st century. Who you understand Jesus to be is a huge question.

I have often found the analogy of looking through a telescope vs. a microscope very helpful. When I look at an item through a microscope, I am looking at something very small (like a cell), trying to make it bigger so that I can see it. When I look at something through a telescope, I am looking at something very large (like a star), trying to bring it closer to me so that I can comprehend it better.

God is unfathomably huge, and we need the telescope of the Bible to bring him closer to our view. We need help understanding God better, particularly through Jesus, the Messiah. My prayer is that, through this study of Matthew 1-2, Jesus will come into better view for you. I pray that the greatness and majesty and condescension of God’s Son will overwhelm you with joy and delight this Christmas, as you grow to know him better and love him more.

Thanking God for his indescribable gift,



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