Craig Johnson

Husband, Father, Pastor/Elder and Teacher in Redding, CA.

My blog title comes from one of the wisest men who ever lived, Solomon, from the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes 8:15. God desires us to pursue joy by finding our greatest joy in Him. He wants us to be satisfied in all that He is for us in Jesus Christ. You can discover how to gain this joy that lasts forever here.

I have been in pastoral ministry since 1991, after graduating from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. God has used me in his service in churches in Boone, Iowa, Fargo, ND, and presently at Cow Creek Community Church outside Redding, CA.

I recently completed my Doctor of Ministry at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. My thesis was, God’s Original Intent: Cultivating Biblical Manhood According to God’s Design. You can learn much more about biblical manhood and womanhood here.

One thought on “About”

  1. Dear Pastor Johnson,

    Just wanted to thank you for your blog support for “The Myth of Perfect Parents”–and wondered if you would be interested in seeing the book from which it came. I’d be most happy to send you a copy. I’m grateful you recognize that I do indeed leave room for the work of the Holy Spirit in our children’s lives. I’m on a Piperian, Sovereign-Grace mission to wrest parenting from our humanistic hands and to return this realm of human life to the glory of God. May I send you a copy of “Parenting is Your Highest Calling’ . . and Eight Other Myths that Trap Us in Worry and Guilt”?


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