The Greatest Joy

My blog title comes from one of the wisest men who ever lived, Solomon, from the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes 8:15. God wants us to pursue joy by finding our greatest joy in Him. He wants us to be satisfied in all that He is for us in Jesus Christ.

Countless people have tried to find what they are missing in life through their own means, but they don’t work. Only the power of God can give us the joy we are missing.

“All man’s efforts to solve the problems of life fail, whether they be along purely intellectual lines, or consist in moral effort and striving, or in painful trudging along the mystic way. But the gospel which he, Paul, now preached, works! It had worked in his own life. It had changed and transformed everything. It had brought peace and rest to his soul and given victory in his life. And it had done the same to countless thousands of others. How did it do so? . . . the gospel alone faces and exposes, and really deals with, the fundamental problem of man and his needs…. It alone diagnoses accurately; it alone has the remedy (Martyn Lloyd-Jones).”

You can discover how to gain this joy that lasts forever here, or read about the Two ways to live.
The choice we all face

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